Daniel Bengtsson

My name is Daniel and I work as a systems developer in the beautiful city of Gothenburg, Sweden. My professional focus has mainly been within Microsoft technologies such as the .NET platform and just about anything within it that you can imagine. I am primarily a web developer and have also been specialzing on frontend techs such as HTML5 and javascript for the past 2 years.

My intent with this website is to share bits and pieces of my knowledge of just about anything related to the development of websites, mobile apps or whatever and perhaps enable others to not pull their hair in frustration. Cheers!

Also, the cat is a temporary placeholder image. His name is Cisco in case you were wondering. :)

Enabling USB Debugging on Android 4.2

Bought a Nexus 7 a couple of days back and couldn't enable USB debugging on it. Here's why.

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Running applications as someone else

Because sometimes it's valuable to run applications in the context of another domain user.

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An explanation of EPiServer GUI plugins

Need a quick explanation of how to create Epi6 GUI plugins? Clicky here.

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